Modular Gas Cylinder Storage Rack Z/CN/AC20C

Gas Cylinder Storage Rack AC20C
Gas Cylinder Storage Rack AC20CGas Cylinder Storage RackTwo Gas Cylinder Storage Racks Joined at Sidesgas-cylinder-storage-rack-4Two Gas Cylinder Storage Racks Joined Back to Backgas-cylinder-storage-rack-6
£ 159.00 each

These are gas cylinder storage racks for safely securing two cylinders of compressed gas. Constructed of a rugged steel frame structure with an adjustable safety chain.

The modular design allows the racks to be secured to the wall or/and each other either side by side or back to back to create a flexible racking structure.

It is important that there is no comprimise to safety. It is extremely important that compressed gas cylinders are stable during storage to avoid the dangers of cylinders falling to the ground.

Delivery is FREE to mainland UK, excluding Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands. Please call for a delivery price to these regions. Prices do not include VAT. Products not in stock have a 4 week lead time.

Flammable Symbol
Gas Cylinder Rack
ProductCapacityNet WeightDimensions
AC20C 2 x 230mm Cylinder 18 kg 540x360x1000 mm
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