Supplier of Gas Cylinder Storage & Handling Equipment

S&S Gas Cages specialise in the supply of gas cylinder cages and gas cylinder handling equipment. The range has evolved over time to encompass all aspects of storage requirements for propane cylinders and general industrial gas cylinders. We are a division of Steps and Stillages Ltd, a manufacturer of Mobile steps, stillages and trolleys for the warehousing and materials handling industry.

Steps and Stillages Ltd is a family company spanning 2 generations and is probably best described by Managing Director Graham Reid:

picture of managing director graham reid
Graham on our stand at IMHX 16

Dad first set up on his own over 35 years ago whilst I was still at school. In those days he was principally involved in the manufacture of roll pallets for the retail and distribution industry and I would spend my school holidays bashing metal which meant I learnt to weld before I could drive!

As our product range evolved and grew over the years, we were increasingly being asked for gas bottle trolleys and custom gas cages. As a long time user of gas bottles for welding gases and LPG bottles for forklifts, it seemed a natural fit for us to develop a range of gas cylinder handling equipment.

As that range grew, we decided to form a separate division to specialise in the gas cylinder handling range to make it more straightforward for customers to see our products and navigate our website.

Now, I think we have a pretty good and comprehensive range. I’ve always thought it important to have a budget option and a top quality offering to suit all pockets and applications. Some products we make ourselves here in Kettering and some we source from European partner factories, with our principal partner based in Italy.

I’m often amazed how varied our customer base is these days. Years ago, we would just supply roll cages to the big supermarkets, but over the years we’ve had to change and adapt, like you do! We still supply some of the big retailers but also cater for all sized customers all the way through to the private user in his shed! We hold good stocks of standard products and we can still make the weird and wonderful custom stuff which makes life so interesting!

Graham Reid
picture of maaging director with robot
Graham programming a welding robot
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