TITAN Heavy Drop Bottom Skips

Our range of TITAN Drop Bottom Skips and heavy duty and built to withstand the hard knocks that mechanical handling can give in the workplace. The bin box framework is from chunky 50x50mm box section and the sheet steel skip sides and base from 3mm thick sheet steel. The skip range has 4 different drop bottom skip bin sizes and a range of options.

Drop bottom bins are ideal for collecting and moving waste, whether cardboard and general waste or something more specific to suit your own application. The bin can be placed loacally to the area to be cleared and left there until full. Once the bin is full and needs emptying, the bin can be moved by forklift to the skip or truck into which the bin will be emptied. Simply raise the bin over the skip and lower down. Under the bin base is a release flap. When this release flap is lowered onto the skip edge, the bottom of the bin will automatically open and drop down into the skip, emptying the contents. The forklift driver doesn't even have to get out of his seat. To close the base of the drop bottom bin, simply lower the the skip onto the ground and the base retaining hook will automatically lock.

Drop bottom skip auto release  Drop bottom skip auto release

The drop bottom skips are painted in 2 coats of paint and available in a choice of 4 colours or alternatively, the drop bottom bin can be fully hot dipped galvanised. All the drop bottom skips come with a pair of safety chains to secure the bin to the forklift mast and are CE marked.

A choice of optional extras are available including sheet steel lids to keep the weather out of the bin and wheels instead of feet to move the skip around.