4 Gas Cylinder Pallet Handling Cage Z/DM/PBO04Z

4 Gas Cylinder Pallet Handling Cage
4 Gas Cylinder Pallet Handling Cage4 Gas Cylinder Pallet Handling Cage a4 Gas Cylinder Pallet Handling Cage with barautomatic-closing-system-14 Gas Cylinder Pallet Handling Cage closing
£ 425.00 each

Gas Cylinder Pallet Cage

As well as being safely stored it is important that consideration is given to the handling of compressed gas cylinders to ensure that they are not dragged, dropped or rolled around the workplace.

It is important that there is no comprimise to safety and to avoid manual handling injuries. It is extremely important that compressed gas cylinders are stable during transport to avoid the dangers of cylinders falling to the ground.

This pallet cages allows the safe transport of up to four compressed gas cylinders around the workplace by forklift truck or crane. There is a companion model within the range for transporting up to eight gas cylinders at one time.

Constructed of strong hot dip galvanized steel the pallets are safe and highly secure because of the automatic closing system on the swivel mounting bars that are locked to prevent cylinders falling during transport.

These gas cylinder pallets conform to all essential requirements of relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation and are supplied with a CE mark plate attached to the pallet.

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PBO04Z 4 x 230mm Cylinder 860x650x1115 mm