Certified Gas Cylinder Safety Cages Z/DM/PANDESA3

£ 5,313.00 each

Certfied Gas Cylinder Safety Cages

This is the PANDESA® premium quality certified safety cage range designed for the safe storage and protection of compressed gas cylinders. There are multiple capacity variations within this flexible modular range.

These premium safety cages are constructed with boxed steel panels welded to the perimeter elements in order to prevent the structure from bending. The safety cages are fully galvanized and overpainted with self extinguishing polyurethane resin paint.

The cages are fitted with adjustable feet for anchoring to the ground on a cement base. For additional strength and rigidity the steel panels can be filled with sand or concrete and then fixed.

Certified with Ministry of Internal Affairs Authorisation. Certificate no. 3804/30/91.

Key features of the safety cages include:

  • Prearranged for modular assembly.
  • Each individual unit is a Faraday Cage with a continuous earthing system for each individual unit.
  • Modular top in tar coated corrugated cardboard fixed on a painted steel supporting base.
  • PVC gutter.
  • Doors with intrusion protection net complete with safety lock.
  • All components are galvanized.
  • Painted with self extinguishing polyurethane resin paint.
  • No building permit is required.
  • Because of the modular system there are multiple possible combinations.

If you require any additional information or technical details regarding this product please contact us as our staff are at your full disposal.

Flammable Symbol Safety symbol Suitable for outdoors
Diagram of safety cage capacities
Combination Diagram
Steel Safety Cage
PANDESA3 960x880x2400 mm 262 Kg 3 Cylinders
PANDESA6 1760x880x2400 mm 377 Kg 6 Cylinders
PANDESA3+3 18400x880x2400 mm 448 Kg 3+3 Cylinders
PANDESA6+3 2720x880x2400 mm 568 Kg 6+3 Cylinders
PANDESA10 1760x1680x2400 mm 550 Kg 10 Cylinders
PANDESA6+6 3600x880x2400 mm 683 Kg 6+6 Cylinders
PANDESA6+6+3 4320x880x2400 mm 875 Kg 6+6+3 Cylinders
PANDESA10+10 3600x1680x2400 mm 909 Kg 10+10 Cylinders