LT1600 Tipping Skip Z/STIL/LT1600

£ 1,256.00 each

LT1600 Tipping Skip

Our range of low height tipping skips can be used to collect and dispose of waste and scrap in the workplace. The tipping skips are all on wheels so are easy to move around. Whenthe tipping skip need emptying, it can be raised up by forklift, pull the levera nd the skip tilts forward tipping the contents into the skip below. The skip of the tipping skip is fully watertight. Options include a galvanized finish and lids.Please contact us for a galvanized finish.

This compact roll forward tipping skip is a new model designed for easy handling in small production areas. Designed to facilitate the collection and disposal of waste and scrap the roll forward tipping skips are easily emptied directly from the forklift truck just by pulling a cord.

The tipping skips can easily be moved by hand thanks to the four large diameter and high capacity wheels, two fixed and two swivel.

The tipping skip has a unique frontal semicircular reinforcement which protects the body against accidental frontal damage during tipping.

Alternatively a galvanised finish is available. Contact us for non blue skips which will have a 5 week lead time.

All compact tipping skips come with CE marking plate as standard.

Independant Hydraulic Cylinder

On a request we can supply an independant hydraulic cylinder with built in compensator for gradually tipping the dumping container. It is also a noise reducer during opening.

For our larger tipping skips we recommend the fitting of an hydraulic cylinder for better balance during the tipping phase.

Note that the installation of the cylinders does not result in an increase in the skip size as they are installed inside the dumper.

Galvanized Finish

In addition to our standard colours our dumping containers can also be supplied with a galvanised finish to prevent rusting.

Lids for Tipping Skips

Contact us regarding optional lids or covers for the tipping skips designed to protect your goods.

We can supply a removable sheet metal lid with 2 handles or alternatively a hinged cover that allows you to unload without removing the cover.

Setting Tanks for Skips

We can supply on request setting tanks with grids of 4mm holes together with a ball valve which can be used to seperate liquid and solid substances.

Brake System

An optional brake system can be attached to the wheels ensuring better stability in the work position.

Chain Containment Box

Chain Box Image
Chain Containment Box

A feature of this range of tipping skips is a metal box that contains the attached safety chain

Tipping Skip Diagram
LT1600 Tipping Skip
ProductTipping Skip Dimensions in mmSkip CapacitySkip Volume
LT1600 1550 1550 1210 970 920 2000 Kg 1610 L